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Oct 282012
Cocaine addiction, withdrawals, and rehabilitation / professional treatment

What You Should Know About Cocaine Detox

Cocaine abuse and addiction have dangerous and serious effects on a person’s physical, mental and emotional health.  After repeated use of cocaine, a user will feel as if he or she cannot function without it. This begins the dangerous cycle known as cocaine addiction. When a person admits to having a cocaine addiction or abuse problem, the first step is cocaine detox. Cocaine detox should take place in a licensed facility with professionals and medical staff provided 24/7 for the clients. Detoxing from cocaine is the first step, because in order to recover from the addiction problem, the body must be fully rid of the drug that has been plaguing it. Those detoxing from cocaine can expect to experience some withdrawal symptoms, especially if the person has been using cocaine for long periods of time. Cocaine withdrawal can last from a week to several months, as the brain adjusts to the normal dopamine levels. These withdrawal symptoms include, but are not limited to:
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Paranoia
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Agitation
  • Aggression
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Night terrors
  • Increased appetite
  • Intense cravings for cocaine
These are just a few of the cocaine withdrawal symptoms, and symptoms will vary from person to person. In some cases, homicides and increased risks of suicide are found in addicts during the cocaine withdrawal process. This stresses the importance of getting professional help when detoxing from cocaine, to prevent such dangerous and deadly outcomes.

Professional Detox From Cocaine Treatment

The best option for a person going through the detox from cocaine process is treatment at a professional rehabilitation center. At a rehabilitation center, clients will be removed from negative environments that may be tempting, and placed in a positive and encouraging environment. Clients will also have 24/7 treatment available from highly skilled and trained professionals. Most facilities offer detox programs that aid in providing  comfort and ease during the detox process. Detox treatment programs include treatment methods such as acupuncture therapy, nutritional therapy, exercise therapy, and many others. Some facilities have medications that can be administered to clients, and will help with the discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms.
It is important that anyone in need of professional addiction or abuse treatment take precautions when making their choice of treatment center or treatment program. Choosing an effective treatment program is important, because the addict must be a part of a program that makes him or her feel comfortable and one that they will be able to stick with throughout the entire treatment process. If a client does not choose the most effective treatment program or facility for themselves, it can result in very low success rates. Most professional treatment centers will offer a variety of treatment options, so each client can customize the treatment plan or program to best suit their needs and preferences.

How to Successfully Detox From Cocaine

While choosing to get professional rehab treatment is important to recovering from any drug, there are certain tips a person can use to ensure success during the detox process. These success tips include: taking the treatment program seriously and following all the directions given to the client, doing research about treatment in order to know what to expect, getting treatment as soon as possible in order to increase the likelihood of success, and not giving up on recovery. If a person seeks treatment from an effective treatment program and uses these success tips, it will increase their chance of a successful recovery.

The Cocaine Detoxification Process

The cocaine detoxification process can seem overwhelming for addicts looking to recover from cocaine addiction, but it is the first step towards a drug-free life. The main goal of the cocaine detoxification process is to successfully remove all of the cocaine from the client’s body, while preparing the person for what lies ahead during the addiction treatment program. Cocaine detox is the first step in an effective cocaine rehab program. Anyone battling cocaine addiction should take the first step towards a successful recovery and get the help they need from a safe, effective and professional treatment program.
Detoxing from cocaine is a challenging, yet rewarding phase for someone looking to recover from cocaine addiction. After detox, the client will begin the rest of the treatment which includes individual counseling, courses, group therapy, relapse prevention and much more. Recovery begins as small as making the choice to get help and can grow into a lifetime free from the pain of addiction.
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Guest Author for AHA and longtime educator on substance abuse issues!Marilyn Kegley works with to educate individuals about the effects, dangers and treatment of abuse problems to substances such as cocaine and many others. After watching numerous loved ones struggle with substance abuse, her goal is to help as many people as possible win their battles with addiction.

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