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  1. What is the Definition of Addiction
  2. Opioid Abuse is on the Rise
  3. Suboxone: Opiate Addiction Treatment with a Dark Side
  4. Using Yoga to Overcome Addiction
  5. Addicts Before and After Photos
  6. Alcohol and Cocaine Addiction – A 3-Part Series
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  8. Alcohol and Drug Use Self-Assessments
  9. Is Abstinence From Alcohol The Only Answer?
  10. The Trash in the Trashcan – Part 1
  11. Resource List for Loved Ones of Addicts
  12. Methadone Withdrawal — Real Help
  13. Addiction: Dealing with a Friend or Family Member who’s an Addict!
  14. New Vaccines Are Being Developed Against Addiction and Relapse
  15. Top 10 Natural Vitamins, Tips, & Tricks for an Easy Withdrawal from Opiates!
  16. Prescription Opiates
  17. The Beginning…Day One of a Long Time Opiate Addicts Journey Through withdrawals!
  18. A Farewell Letter to Amy Winehouse from Russell Brand
  19. Intro to AHA’s Illicit Drug Information Section
  20. Causes and Consequences of Addictions
  21. MDMA
  22. What Makes Russians Protest Against Methadone Treatment For Heroin Addiction?
  23. Discover the Many Alternatives to AA: Finally Get REAL Help for Your Drinking Problem!
  24. Cottonland, the Story of Oxycontin and its Demise on Cape Breton
  25. The Best Process to be Used When Quitting Suboxone!
  26. Heroin
  27. Support Group Links
  28. Drug and Alcohol Intervention: An Effective Tool in The Road to Recovery!
  29. PLEASE Help Us Keep Helping You!
  30. Addiction Breakthrough May Lead To New Treatments
  31. AHA Wins An Award!
  32. “Liquid O” : New Forms of Heroin & Opiates Allow for a Bigger Audience!
  33. Widespread Effects of Addiction Demand Effective Rehabilitation
  34. AHA Announces: The Addiction & Recovery Information Top 100 List
  35. The Trash in the Trashcan – Part 2 of 3
  36. The Hidden Dangers Of Prescription Pain Medications
  37. Looking for a Addiction Blog or Social Network?
  38. Cocaine
  39. Help for Anxiety: Natural Methods for Stopping the Panic Atttacks & Depression
  40. Only a Heroin Addict Knows…
  41. Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Compulsive Gambling and Sexual Addiction; AHA Provides Help to All!
  42. The New Miracle Anti-Addiction Drug?
  43. Assembling The Jigsaw Puzzle Of Drug Addiction
  44. Young Opioid Abusers Benefit From Extended Buprenorphine-Naloxone Treatment
  45. Novel Cannabinoid Appears Promising for Treatment of Chronic Pain
  46. Addiction, the War On Drugs, and the Economy
  47. Helpful Drug & Alcohol Addiction Related Manuals, Download Section
  48. Day 5
  49. Heroin Addiction And Increased Overdoses From Mexican Tar
  50. The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide Review
  51. 76 pounds of heroin seized, man arrested after standoff with police
  52. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation: A Story of Lies and Deceit
  53. Common Skin Infections in IV Drug Users
  54. How to Shoot Up: A Safety Manual For Injection Drug Users
  55. Methamphetamine – Everything You Never Wanted to Know
  56. Do You Get an Awful Stinging Pain while Injecting Heroin?
  57. Day 4
  58. Day 3
  59. Day 2
  60. Rehab – Before, During, After: A Guide for Family Members
  61. Relapse Prevention Plan- 10 Questions to ask yourself if you Relapse
  62. Medicaid patients’ Rx drugs go to dealers.
  63. Top 10 Best Alcoholics Anonymous Alternatives List!
  64. Cotton Fever aka Trash Fever from IV Drug Use…. Cotton and a Syringe?
  65. Everthing to Know About Suboxone before Starting Treatment
  66. Opiate Self-Detox Manual
  67. The Dark End: Black Tar Heroin
  68. Addiction IS a DISEASE!!