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Aug 232012
Social Network and Forums help addicts meet alike people

We are excited to announce the recent release of two more addiction based websites devoted to helping others deal with the disease of addiction.  Almost everyone nowadays has felt the sting of addiction; whether dealing with the problem themselves or having a family member, friend, coworker, or other person close to them inflicted with this terrible disease.  Yet, throughout the years of studying the phenomenon of addiction, we have found hundreds of new and useful ways to help deal with the issue and help with recovery.

Two of those things that have been known for a very long time are connecting with other addicts or others in or previously in the same position as you are.  Through these people, you can really connect in a way that you will be unable to connect with any other “Normie” as the disease of addiction is something that will never be fully understood until you have actually been there and suffered yourself.  As other addicts can understand and relate to one another so well, they can also help each other into sobriety and help keep each other there. As they say, we all have tried to quit countless times ourselves, yet most of us are unable to.  Yet, when we look to the path others have taken and accept their advice and companionship through the journey, it does become possible.

Yet, there are also many obstacles in life which prevent us to making meetings everyday, or meeting with sponsors all the time, including those who may not believe they are ready and would feel more comfortable easing into the AA or NA or any other type anonymous group in the privacy of their own home.  This is where we come in.

As AHA has already provided thousands information regarding all aspects of addiction, as well as all the other help this site has provided. we felt the need to make a safe comfortable place to network with fellow addicts or those who are close to an addict and affected by their behavior as well as providing a place to ask questions to fellow addicts.

Therefore, we created a forum specially centered around all things drugs. “The Drug Forums” is located at  Please stop by and take a peek.  You might learn something new or if you are interested in asking a question or starting a discussion yourself, please feel free.

For those who are truly interested in making connections with fellow addicts or their family and friends and would like to join a social network for those who have all suffered the same misery from addiction, then you might want to try “Familiar Misery” which is located at


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