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Sep 182012
Recipients of Dave Harm's "Creating Dreams" Award - 10/2011

Dave Harm of, a fantastic author and fellow recovering addict and alcoholic has awarded us with his monthly award for “Favorite Recovery Website”.  If you are at all an avid reader of blogs or any recovery websites, you have most likely come across Dave’s.  It is a truly fantastic site and he is a great author! If you haven’t been to his website, you should drop by and read some of his writings. They are truly inspiring and always interesting.

The award we won:

To survive in recovery, I constantly need to “pass it on.”  To freely give away what I have
learned, so ultimately, I’ll receive more.  It is for this reason that I have created the award,
just to the right. The sites listed below were found during my own searches.  These are just sites that I truly
enjoy. They are truly ambassadors of Passing it On! For those in recovery or on their own inner journey to spiritual fulfillment, these sites may
just be able to share their light with you.
2011 Monthly Recipients
October – Addicts Helping Addicts I don’t talk much about my drug addiction, mainly because my drug of choice was always alcohol.
But from taking drugs to dealing them… I never met a drug I didn’t like.  This site has tons of
information as well as a great blog.  Check it out for your needs and find someone to talk to.
To See Dave Harm’s Website Where We Were Awarded – Passing It On
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