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Nov 262012


Pictures Before and After Addicts


It is quite amusing how many people in this world search the Internet everyday for pictures of addicts.  In fact, they are actually searching for pictures depicting the individual “before” their addiction and “after” photos depicting the damage which has been inflicted on their bodies physically.  One must note that if photos can only depict the damage and harm brought on by drug and/or alcohol addiction, the internal harm as well as physiological damage must also be pretty horrifying!

“Meth-Makeover” – Pictures of Addicts from the Past

When we search for pictures of addicts, we are often reminded of the anti-methamphetamine campaign in America which ran several years ago and depicted before and after mugshots of struggling methamphetamine addicts, called “Meth-Makeover”. Meth is often considered the worst drug as far as its effects on your physical appearance, due to users’ dramatic weight loss, sunken and ghostly appearances, as well as the sores that cover their bodies from scratching while high on the stimulant.  For more information as to the effects methamphetamine has on a user’s body, please refer to our article, “Meth Will Turn You Into Someone You Don’t Recognize.”   This campaign against methamphetamine was quite a successful one, and even to this day, people all across the world are browsing these somewhat grotesque images which really cause viewers to feel the pain, sadness, and utter hell that comes with a serious drug or alcohol addiction.

While there will always be the famous “Meth-Makeover”mugshots, highly renowned London based photographer, Ramon Sakovich’s took this genre to another level with his exhibition, “Half”.  The “Half” project highlights several suffering addicts and the drastic physical effects of substance abuse.  Mr. Sakovich took the “mugshot” pictorials a step further and brought the “before” and “after” pictures together into a split image.  The split pictures even go as far as depicting the different wardrobes of these suffering individuals and simultaneously portrays an addict prior to and post addiction, leaving the viewer with a drastic and horrifying visualization of the horrendous effects of drug use on the human body.

Yet, Ramon Sakovich’s exhibit is similar to the “Meth-Makeover” billboards of the 1990’s in that it mainly portrays the effects of methamphetamine addiction.  According to Sakovich, in an interview published in the Huffington Post, the project was actually inspired in part by a friend of Ramon’s who suffered with an addiction to meth.

No Photoshop Used in These Pictures of Addicts

At a first glance, many viewers would suspect these images to be nothing more than some fairly simple Photoshop trickery, but they would be wrong.  The photos are actually not transformed by computer programs at all. They are instead the hard work and countless hours put in by talented artists and costume designers.

Ramon states that he “tries to do everything in-camera rather than in post-production.”  Therefore, makeup was used on one side of each of the portrait’s faces while the other sides were left untouched; instead of just merging two photos into one as most probably suspected. Nonetheless, the results are chilling and reveal the Jekyll and Hyde nature of the psychoactive drug.

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